Maria Santa is a long-awaited cafe of Tatyana Melnikova’s team who is the author of the Hachapuri, Odessa-Mama, Tagine and Pigs and Roses concepts. The mother of three children constantly cooks their favorite pasta with shrimp and tomatoes or risotto with mushrooms. She is fluent in Italian and simply adores Florence, Turin, Sardinia and Naples even more so. The concept of a new cafe has been in her head for the last three years - cacio e pepe with pecorino crumbs like in Rome, pizza crust with a crunch like at Neapolitan sea coast or just make it possible to get a couple of cicchetti like in Venice with a glass of cold white. And then get another cicchetti - with shrimp, mortadella and artichoke. Anyways, maybe stay.

Two years ago we were together with the whole team in Rome and Naples, along with the chef and the guys from the art department. Together we steadfastly overcame a busy schedule of breakfasts, lunches and dinners with ice cold gelato balls in between, a couple of pizzas and aperol in the middle of a hot day somewhere in Trastevere. If suddenly we had doubts about the next dinner creeped into our heads - a brisk Italian waiter instantly brought out a table with a snow-white tablecloth directly on the square, trippingly rattled plates and glasses and we had only to choose: white or red? Bring Prosecco.

We are constantly spinning in our heads spaghetti on a fork and drops of tomato sauce are dropping like tears. Eyes are scattered between four types of tiramisu: strawberry, banana, pistachio or the simple one - which one to choose? So we couldn’t decide and only once quarreled on Piazza di Spagna - during that time you could not only sit on our favorite stairs, but also quietly eat with a spoon the most delicious dessert in the world. What about the loin in a parmesan crust? An attractive creamy risotto with a slightly vulgar pink shrimp tartare. With tartare ... but there is also tartar with salmon and beef with fennel. The heart beats in the chest from these thoughts. It's getting hot. Here it would be perfect to drink an aperol spritz. Or is it better to have spritz on campari? Or bellini, rossini and branded pallini? No, just a white bottle of wine. And then Vin Santo with cantuci.

Oh. This is how we missed Rome, Venice, Tuscany and Piedmont and started dreaming about opening a simple Italian cafe "Santa Maria". Maria Santa! This is what Italians say when they are surprised, rejoiced, amazed, being emotional, have mixed feelings or simply freaking out and do not know what to say. Our chef - Zhenya Tsvetkov cooks better than sicilian grandmothers. He makes everything the most delicious.

Crisis, virus, minus? No, not heard. Our team knows a lot about Dolce vita! Our cafe will give you a new pizza for thought. Oh, or not pizza? What is it supposed to say? Does not matter.

TG and her team.